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Presently, learning python programming is a neccesity. Python is the most popular and in demand programming language. Girlscript puts foward "LETSPY", the biggest python programming bootcamp in India. Python is easy to learn and you may need no pre-knowledge in programming logic. Its syntax is simple,clean and easy to understand. Python is a great addition to your skills no matter where your career end up taking you.
Letspy is a two day bootcamp for the people who are new to the language or want to brush up their skills. Especially for the people from two-tier and three-tier cities in India who do not have enough resources. Letspy lets attendees build some small applications using Python and helps them in knowing the use of Python in fields like Data Science, Machine learning, Cloud, Cryptocurrencies and artificial Intelligence. It also gives and overview of contributing to Open Source, Communities, Git and GitHub and from where they can conribute to different projects running across Globe.

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